“There’ll always be a Judson
Where there’s a glow of love
Wherever there’s a peaceful soul
Who loves the Lord above
There’ll always be a Judson
Where there’s a truth to keep
Wherever there is one, there’s all – a million marching feet.
“The spirit, too – what does it mean to you?
Surely you’re proud! Shout it out loud, showing the way!
And Judson too, we can depend on you,
Goodness remains, these are the chains nothing can break!
“There’ll always be a Judson
And Judson will ever be
If Judson means as much to you
As Judson means to me.”

As many of you know, due to financial strain on the school over the last 2 decades and the devastating effects of COVID-19, Judson is at risk of closing before the spring semester begins.

Judson is such an amazing place where sisterhood runs deep, women are empowered, and the love of Christ is the foundation of our values. Judson is where I got to continue playing volleyball, found the best friends I could have ever asked for, and learned what it truly means to be a servant and leader to my campus and my future communities. I cannot imagine a world where Judson is not here. The relationships and bonds that you create at Judson are so special and unique.

To my Judson sisters: I am so thankful for all of you and seeing us join together to fight for our school is inspiring! No matter what, there will always be a Judson and our sisterhood will always keep us together!

Make a one time gift : http://bit.ly/givetoJudson
Pledge to give again between Jan- May 2021 : http://bit.ly/pledgeJudson


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