I found Judson College at a time in my life when I needed it the most. I was lost. I didn’t want to finish school and even considered never picking up a softball again. Coach Tom Hannah texted me after I sent out final chance emails of hopefully getting recruited since I had sustained a big injury 6 months prior. I tried out the next week, he offered me a softball scholarship on the spot, and I transferred in a month later.

Starting off, I was able to meet some of the sweetest people in the financial aid office, business office, and my admissions recruiter. It felt like home the moment I stepped on campus. After a few weeks, the professors and other faculty knew me by my first name, and I had never been around something like that since I came from such a big city and big school system.

I immediately gained lifelong friends on the softball team and then ended up joining in on our beloved traditions (which is something I never would’ve done before 😂). I even joined SGA as the treasurer and became Vice President of the Science Club!

I’ve had some of my best memories at this dear little college of mine. It would break my heart to see it go under, especially right before the last semester of my senior year. I could NOT even imagine trying to finish anywhere else. I want women in the future to be able to have the opportunity to create great memories just like I have over the last few years.

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