Judson College is important to me because I get to play soccer while growing in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I enjoy leading others in the Light through Campus Ministries and would love to keep having an opportunity to be a Christ-like example to all the girls on campus. One of my dreams is to own my own sports complex to develop Christian athletes, not only physically and mentally, but most importantly spiritually as well. It has been on my heart for a long time on how I was going to serve God inHis Kingdom. I really want and am praying that Judson College stays open 1) So I can graduate and 2) I don’t want another Baptist school or Church to close down; this world needs the light no matter if they know it or not. Ever since LifeWay, a Christian bookstore, closed down, passing by that empty store has never been the same. But whatever it may be, just know God hears, God cares, and He is taking care of everything! Thank you and please don’t hesitate to donate what you can! See you next semester!!

Make a one time gift : http://bit.ly/givetoJudson
Pledge to give again between Jan- May 2021 : http://bit.ly/pledgeJudson


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