I gather it’s my turn to talk about the impact Judson has had on me. And bring a bit of light in during the dark time.

First, as some of you may know—Judson is in dire need of donations as they face possibly closing. The links to donate will be below.

Second, we will have no choice but to relocate and attend yet another college if the financial goals fail to be met.

I know a lot of you haven’t even heard of Judson, nor have you seen it—You may not even care to read this post. However, I hope and have faith that you’ll take the time out of your day to hear me out.

Judson? She’s a special place. She gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself, branch out while still being comfortable, learn more academically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Upon my first visit to Judson, I’d known that home was wherever my family was. Though, upon that realization I was confused as to why I was so comfortable in my decision to attend the college. And yes, of course there were hard days, but I never found myself getting through them alone. I had my sisters, all of which I’d met at this place of light: Emma Veitch, Adyson Thornton, Kaylee Munsey, Chelse Anderson, Makayla Marler, Deana Pugh, Casey Ray Justice, Rejeana Milligan, Chastity, Patricia Scholz, and more. I’d struggled with communicating and finding my place; however I was guided by the heart of Judson: Susanna Joy Fowler, Audri Thicklin, Anna Johnson, Amy Faye Butler, Kassidy Giles, and–again—so many more.

I became president of the Student Organization of Social Work. I hosted my first canned food drive, and we collected over 400 cans of soup for those in need. I held a suicide awareness and prevention Lunch and Learn.

Not only did we all take action together, we became leaders together.

Now I am not asking for much; however, I am generously asking for a small donation. Or even just a prayer.

And to my Judson Family, don’t lose hope just yet. We’ve only just begun. We can’t let this chapter close without a fight, nor shall we let it close without one last song to mother Judson.

Lux Et Veritas.~

“There’ll always be a Judson
And Judson will ever be
If Judson means as much to you
As Judson means to me.”


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