It’s my turn to tell you the reasons I love Judson.

My entire life I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. My entire life I knew I wanted to go to Auburn University for that education. I went to my high school’s college fair for bonus points – and for no other reason. God had a different idea, however– I walked into the lobby of my school and saw a poster with a horse on it and made a beeline for it. As you’ve probably guessed, it was the Judson College booth. The recruiter told me about the amazing equine science program, the amazing sisterhood I would experience, the traditions (the ones that weren’t a secret at least), and many other amazing things. To say I was hooked was an understatement. I told my mom I was gonna go to Judson. “But Auburn has been your dream!” she told me. But I’m as stubborn as my daddy…she did convince me to tour Auburn and MSU, but I toured Judson as well, and it just threw wood on the fire in my heart for Mother Judson.

Fast forward to now. I’m on year 4/5 at Mother Judson. I’ve made friends, but more importantly a family at this school. Judson is home.

Judson is where:

  • Ms. Renee in the dining hall keeps a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch in the back because I’m allergic to something in the house made ranch.
  • Ms. Cynthia in the Cameo Cafe keeps a bottle of whipped cream in the fridge for Baloo.
  • Dr. Parham, the dean, not only knows my name but knows what classes I’m taking and asks me how they’re going (not to mention when she taught me English Composition II she read us “You Are Special” by Max Lucado on the last day of class).
  • My teachers know about my illnesses and how they can help me (not to mention they care!).
  • I have professors like Pamela Lee Boliew (Mama B) who you can call at all hours of the day, will pray with you, cry with you, and scream with you!
  • Our wonderful First Lady (Ann Tew) makes us cookies and invites you over for them and makes you feel so so so loved.
  • I have a wonderful coach (Jennifer Hoggle) who teaches me and has given me confidence in my riding abilities over the years.

Judson is my home. Now help us save it.

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