When I visited and applied to Judson I didn’t apply to any other. I was impressed by Judson’s academics, the kindness of the people, and Judson’s beautiful campus. When I came to Judson, I had very few friends and I didn’t do bad in school but I wasn’t very committed either. Since moving on campus, being a part of traditions, being becoming a religious studies and psych major, and joining the IHSA Hunt seat team, I have gained many friends that I can’t imagine doing life without now. I also found my strength to excel academically with the encouragement and support of my friends and faculty. I am now even halfway through a senior thesis honors project that I never thought I could do thanks to that support. There are days when I think about the community I have been apart of, the memories I’ve made, how much I have grown, and the amazing friendships I now have, and I’m simply astounded.

I am so very incredibly blessed by my time at Mother Judson. I’ve never regretted being a Judson girl. I have loved learning and my times studying at the club house or on the tire swing. I have loved the serenades, hockey days, and many other traditions. I have loved being known and cared about by the faculty and staff. I have loved being able to be a part of the Judson IHSA team and grow so much much in my riding abilities and confidence. I have loved learning under amazing professors who care about and want me to succeed. I have loved forming new friendships. I have loved taking pictures of Judson’s beautiful campus and the Judson roses. I have loved being safe physically to go run off stress at odd hours of the night and safe in other ways to be who I am and express myself. I have grown so much as a person and in my faith.

There is so much about Judson that is unique and I love it. I wish I could say all that is in my heart when I think about the last three and a half years of my Judson journey, but there is simply not enough space for such things. There’s been a lot of really tearful times at Judson and some really full of laughter.

As a senior, I am missing out on so many traditions this year and am so sorrowful at the many memories I have so looked forward to making. Next semester is so full of more traditions and memories that I so much long to be a part of as I go. Being a member of the last class of Judson is a reality I ever so much hope and pray does not come to pass. That’s why I hope everyone gives any bit they can to help. But no matter what I know going forward that “There’ll always be a Judson, And Judson will ever be, If Judson means as much to you, As Judson means to me.” And no matter what, God’s grace is sufficient for all our needs. So I shall continue to stand in prayer and hope with my Judson sisters and dear friends that we shall still be able to walk beneath the dome and down the ivy halls.

Give before December 31: http://bit.ly/givetoJudson

Pledge to give again in 2021: http://bit.ly/pledgeJudson


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